The Real Secret Behind What I Do:

Some Ad Creatives Say What You Do,

Some Ad Creatives Tell How You Do It,

But I Discover WHY You Do What You Do

Then I Make Magic Happen

About Me – From Repair Shop Owner to Your Trusted Marketing Consultant Who Can Help You Market Your Business

Welcome, fellow business owner.

Before diving into the world of marketing, I lived your world. For over 30 years, I have worked in, managed & owned my own auto repair shop, grappling with the challenges that come with a hands-on brick-and-mortar establishment. From hanging out my shingle and opening the door with zero dollars, making payroll, hiring, tax complications, managing operations, customer service, etc. – I’ve wrestled with them all. But amidst these challenges, I uncovered a passion and knack for local marketing, turning my shop into a beacon for local clientele and fleet clients alike.

It wasn’t long before these clients began to notice more than just my automotive skills. They sought my advice, intrigued by how I so effectively marketed my shop in such a competitive environment. This spark of interest ignited a new journey for me. I transitioned from fixing cars to fixing marketing strategies, and today, I stand before you as a dedicated marketing consultant

Why Work With Me?

1. Experiential Wisdom: Not many consultants can claim they’ve walked a mile in your shoes. I’ve lived the frustrations of a local business owner, which allows me to truly empathize with your situation and craft solutions that are practical and effective.

2. No-Nonsense Approach: No fluff or jargon here. Together, we’ll hone in on the key areas that need attention, focusing on strategies that demand minimal effort but guarantee substantial returns.

3. Measured Progress: I believe in the power of tracking and refinement. Adopting 12-week focused approaches, we’ll consistently measure our progress, ensuring we’re always moving towards your business goals.

What I Offer

– Aligning your marketing strategies to spotlight your highest profit products and services.
– Ensuring your business is consistently represented across all directories and platforms.
– Optimizing your Google Business profile and website for maximum visibility.
– Implementing powerful referral and review strategies.
– Creating a robust follow-up strategy encompassing sms, email, and direct mail.

My Mission

To leverage my rich, hands-on experience and marketing acumen to help local, community-focused businesses thrive. Whether you’re an auto repair shop, a cafe, or any other brick-and-mortar establishment, I’m here to help you navigate the labyrinth of local marketing, just as I did.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the demands of running your business and marketing it effectively, know that there’s hope, and that hope is here.

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