The Real Secret Behind What I Do:

Some Ad Creatives Say What You Do,

Some Ad Creatives Tell How You Do It,

But I Discover WHY You Do What You Do

Then I Make Magic Happen

“The Video Marketing Creative Expert”

That’s what they say about me but I think it’s just my willingness to find marketing techniques that actually help my clients share their message of ‘Why,’ and that in turn attracts higher profit clientele.

About Me:

Wesley Harrison is considered a top video marketing expert in the industry.

His knowledge of video is unsurpassed due too his real world experience of creating video marketing campaigns that specifically target high intent customers seeking only high profit products and services offered by small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the globe.

Wes has a degree in applied science and far too many certifications to list them all, but the achievement he is most proud of is his flight instructor certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. He is qualified to teach you how to save your life in an air emergency and he can teach you how to get the most ROI out of your advertising dollars.

Let numbers talk for themselves (this is from just one targeted video campaign) stats: as of 02-27-16

4.25+ million viewed minutes (over 2951.3 days of air time 24/7).

Every 30 days on average over 51,000 people engage his informational style videos.

Average watch time of 2 min 32 seconds. (imagine, people watching your commercial for over 2 minutes – because they want more information about You, Your Products, Your Service and Your Business).

Average leads generated per week, 12 @ an average per customer value of $765.00

Value To Client, this campaign doubled net profits in less than three months of implementation.

His chiropractic campaigns are so compelling that patients fly in from around the globe to to see the doctors he creates video campaigns for.

Wes has the ability to extract out the golden nuggets of information about you, your business and the highest profit products and services you offer and present package the information in a way that people who are seeking that information develop an instant rapport with you. Knowing how to connect your information to the people seeking it is his real specialty.

Wes believes in helping you help others in a manner that is tracked, measured and produces a guaranteed return on investment.

CallĀ  and we’ll talk with you about your current marketing efforts and if we cannot find at least $5000.00 in profits that are being lost because of holes in your current marketing campaigns, and MORE importantly a way to capture those dollars and deposit them into your bank account, we’ll pay you for your time.

Please allow 15 – 30 min for this consultation.

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