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Two candidates are up for a marketing position. This is a new position that will require a broad range of skills.

Candidate one has a college degree from a prestigious university, loves people, has demonstrated a strong work ethic, and is devoted to the company.

When asked what they will bring to the table, candidate one says they will bring passion, a good attitude, and a willingness to be a team player.

Candidate two has not attended any formal marketing colledge but has instead applied himself to learning from the real world in his own businesses and applying this skillset to obtain his own results.

Not only this, but he’s taken a deep dive into the educational materials online and honed his skills in his previous positions.

Even though he doesn’t have a marketing degree from a prestigious university, he is told that in a 45 minute conversation he has taught others with masters degrees in marketing more about marketing than they learned in their 6 years at university and he knows how to offer tangible value to any company in short order.

When candidate two is asked what they will bring to the table, he states he will bring a set of core character traits that have proven to predict success.

The Traits Are:

1) Integrity
2) Strategibility
3) Focusability
4) Executionability
5) Productivability – measured by results
6) Marketibility
7) Salesability
8) Leardershipability
9) Mangementability
10) Characterability

He adds, his team will also bring a set of ten core competencies that will immediately make or save the company money.

Listing the traits, he explains that:

1) His team knows how a business really works. They are not naive about the importance of the activity-to-output ratio and the importance of positive cash flow in each division.

2) They are a clear and compelling leader. They can align and inspire a team by guiding them through a process in which they create a mission statement and guiding principles.

3) They are personally productive. They have mastered a specific system they implement every day so they can get more done in less time.

4) They know how to clarify a message. They are able to guide a team through a framework in which they create a clear message promoting any product or vision so customers and stakeholders engage.

5) They understand how to build a marketing campaign. They can create a sales funnel that converts interested customers into buyers.

6) They can sell. They have mastered a framework in which they introduce products to qualified leads and consult with them until a valuable contract is signed.

7) They are great communicators. They can give a speech that informs and inspires a team, resulting in clear action that positively affects the bottom line.

8) They are good negotiators. They do not trust their gut when they negotiate. Rather, they follow a simple set of procedures that guides them to the best possible result.

9) They are a good manager. They know how to create a production process that is measured through key performance indicators that guarantee efficiency and profitability.

10) They know how to run an execution system. They have mastered a framework that ensures a high-powered team gets the right things done.

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