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Do you want 82,000+ eyeballs, 100,000+ viewed minutes of air time (a month) about your highest profit product/service – free?

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The Secret: It’s Not What You Say, It’s Why You Say It. People like to watch and do business with people they like and believe. Video Builds Instant Rapport.


I help you discover the ‘magic’ message that motivates people into taking action because they believe in you and that your product and service(s) can and will help them better than anything else out there, and get it distributed effectively.

Video Marketing Expert Wesley Harrison

Master Your Marketing Message

“When You Can Describe A Persons Fears and Frustrations (the pain points they are experiencing) To Them BETTER Than They Can Describe It Themselves, They Instantly Perceive You As An Expert/Authority and Automatically Assume You Have The Solutions They Seek”

Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall 

Learn How To Master Your Marketing Message

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OLEA: Take Your Consulting Skills

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Offline Experts Academy Wesley Harrison

Wes Harrison showed me a brand new world when I joined his Elite Coaching program. Because of him, his encouragement and enthusiasm, I have been able to generate $1000’s in extra income. I am an “offline” marketer and have been full-time for 2+ years. I know when I hear BS. Wes is the real deal, teaching real, proven tactics to help anyone willing to work how to change their lives for the better. Thanks Wes!

Cary Duke

I have known of Wes Harrison for some time, but it wasn’t until I got to ‘know’ Wes that I discovered who he really was.

There are maybe three people in the world that I trust beyond a shadow of a doubt that what they advise me to do in business and life is their honest opinion of the best thing for me to do at that time. Wes I am happy to say is one of those trusted advisers. He is skilled, smart and most of all trustworthy. He will tell you the Good, The Bad, The Ugly of whatever you ask of  him. He is not and never has been about the money as so many supposed ‘gurus’ seem to pride themselves on. Wes  is all about helping others succeed, and like one of his famous business mentors, Zig Ziglar, he believes that if you help enough other people get what they want in life, you will get he all that you want, as well.

I am proud to have Wes as a confident, mentor and business/life coach and friend and hope our relationships runs for a long, long time.

Rick Allen, B.Msc

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