1) Continuous Cognitive Recognition of YOUR Triggers and choosing the correct action to immediately implement is the key to your success.

2) Behavioral Change Process: Recognize the Trigger, Take appropriate action (daily), Develop a Ritual, Let it Become a Habit, Be Comfortable in Transition, and then, Looking back a year from now, you will see your Transformation.

Mel Robbins, The 5 Second Rule (Book) – It’s simple: When you recognize a trigger of an old behavior pattern you no longer wish to practice, count to 1005 – 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005 – it allows you to reset your brain and override that initial impulse action.

BJ Fogg, The Book: Tiny Habits – Professor Fogg is a behavioral scientist. He states being aware of your triggers is where behavioral change starts (if you ever find yourself caught in a continuous loop, like the movie ground hog day, identify what is the trigger?).

His Formula: B=MAP Here’s the simplest way to explain it: “Behavior (B) happens when Motivation (M), Ability (A), and a Prompt (P) come together at the same moment.”

My own reminder of the process necessary for creating my internal behavioral changes: The Symbol “–>” is “leads to”
Recognize My Triggers –> Implement a New Daily Action –> Repeat Daily/Weekly Until It’s Now a Ritual –> Form Monthly Habits –> Quarterly Transitions = the Transformation I Seek.

The secret key for me is recognizing “change” does not happen at once – we all go through a transition phase before the “magical transformation” happens. This “magical transformation” is best viewed from the other side of transition.
“Look where I was then, and now look where I am now.”

With the above in mind, the 12 Week Year helps me to keep everything in bite size pieces and measure and track it all without overwhelm.

Brian P. Moran: The 12 Week Year (Book) – Adjust “12 month annual” planning into 4-13 week chunks. This helps to stay on track with achievement and is a fantastic resource.

Tip – Do not let the “score card” become your obstacle.

My Super Secret – Achievement is more about what you say “NO” to, than it is about saying “YES…”


Start With The 12 Week Year