Wall Drug Store Bound. Wall Drug is known for having a few road signs posted along the highway…

What is not commonly known is that these signs are responsible for attracting over 20,000 people a day (during peak season) into thier store in a town that has a population of 879 <— read that again – less than 900 people live in the town.

IMG_3770 IMG_3795 IMG_3791

It’s even more astonishing when you consider it’s hundreds of mile from ANYWHERE…

After driving for hours, this is where you’ll arrive (if you follow the signs):
IMG_3879 IMG_3881

I met with Sarah Hustead (4th generation family member to run Wall Drug) and what an amazing conversation we had.
The food was good, the service was great and the overall experience was terrific!

Sarah disclosed that they have approximately 300 signs posted in all directions along the highway pointing back to them. I have to ask you if you are trying to generate any type of revenues, how many signs do you have posted along the information super highway, the internet?