If you’ve ever heard the following statement from a potential customer; “It doesn’t feel right,” that proves they do not want what you are “selling.”

Fix: Stop “Selling” It. Adjust your “Presentation Order” and see “magic” happen before your eyes.

First, you need to provide the list of “areas of improvements” your products and services can and will make in ‘my life’ and present the ‘most relevant’ information to me first so I can become “emotionally engaged” with the Lifestyle Transformation your products and services provide as a result of ME having them.

What is listed below is a very short summation of a very complex process but will give you the “nuggets” you need to know to start implementing this process of presenting information about the “transformation” you can help a person achieve.

Most business owners sell “actions.”
What most clients want are the “transformations.”


Read the above again: Realize it’s usually two different conversations going on. You as the business owner HOPE and PRAY that a Potential Client is ‘smart enough’ to see the obvious logical conclusion about your products and services and can make the connection between the two. They Can’t. They Don’t and They Won’t.

This is not what people do. This is not how people make the obvious buying decisions.

When you get the following “magic recipe” correct, your business will become much more profitable and fun. The conversations you’ll have will be transformational for the people that will now “get it.”

1) Understand: People want the “transformation.” They will ask you for the “Actions” that lead them to the desired “transformation.”

2) Do NOT provide them the list of actions that “logically” make sense. This is the disconnect between you and them and is where your “biggest frustration” is in your marketing. People just don’t seem to “get it.”

3) Provide them with nothing more than the “evidence of understanding” that you have the keys and the “simple to follow” processes to the transformation they are seeking in their life.

The Logical Order Is: Actions lead to -> Transitions that lead to -> Transformations

The “Emotional Triggers” (To get them to BUY) Presentation Order Is:
1) Talk about “The Desired Transformation” (only one per “conversation”)
2) Demonstrate The “Easy To Implement” Transition One Must Make (which is now easier with your help and guidance).
3) Show me the proof: The “Check List,” “Fast Start Guide,” “Complete Blueprint,” AND “The Beginners Cheat Sheet,” of the necessary Step by Step Actions (that are so easy to do with the guides above) to make the transformation happen in MY life.

The above is based on years of studying copy from the best of the best. This summation will save you years of study if you “get it.” If you don’t, and you have any questions, call me. It’s what I do.


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