I can certainly tell I’m headed the right direction. I’m still in Wall SD. I just finished a presentation with Sarah Hustead of Wall Drug StoreĀ  (4th generation family member to run Wall Drug since 1931).

Yesterday I was able to put back on shorts and my flip flops and STILL be comfortable for the entire afternoon.


While being comfortable, I finished creating a Foundational Footprint report for Wall Drug Store in SD. wall-drug

I feel that they are the leaders in the states and understand the importance of having signs out along the highway. To get 20,000 plus visitors a day in a town with the population of less than 900, that’s inspirational. Read their history here: Click Here

It’s the same with internet marketing. You have to have signs out and all of their information super highway signs are broken at best….I presented the foundational footprint report today to help Sarah Hustead get them fixed and in what order.

We actually talked for over an hour and she shared the frustrations she is feeling that the marketing company they are working with for the past year did not address any of this. I invited her to join us in an Elite Coaching class and share insights and frustration.

She revealed that in total they have appropriately 300 signs posted throughout area spread out over hundreds of miles. During peak season they will attract approximately 20,000+ people per day into their establishment.

I explained, this is EXACTLY what you want to replicate on the internet, your 300+ signs, starting with fixing the most important six, first.

Overall it was an amazing conversation. Sarah is an amazing and insightful person and I look forward to further conversations with Sarah Hustead.