Riches are in your “Follow-Up.”

Watch my little summation here:

True Story. I was talking with Vicky Vest founder of Vest Professional Placement yesterday and she mentioned she had obtained a new client. She shared with me that when she asked the new client how she had found out about Vest Professional Placement, the answer was, “I did a search, read your reviews, and sent you an email.”

She added, “I sent several of your competitors (large companies) emails and NONE of them have bothered to respond.”

I hear this from “potential clients” all the time INCLUDING MYSELF.

This is what I do BEFORE I buy something (Anything From Anyone) anymore. I write into support and purposely ask a question. I then measure how long it takes to get a Real Response from someone actually answering my question. I then base my actual buying decision on this factor AND the reviews I have scanned about them (Note: If the reviews are poor, I don’t even write into support).

I know your Reviews are critical. BUT I’ll stand my ground that Your Follow-Up Process is even more important for helping to influence a client into the last part of the Buying Cycle and making that “purchase decision.”

I’m willing to bet, before you make a final purchase decision, you have a similar process you go through too… If you don’t, get one and you’ll save yourself a ton of headaches of non-responsive companies that do not care about customer service.

If you have any questions about this topic and would like to explore this further, give me a call and lets chat.

Wesley J. Harrison
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