ZoodlesMeet Zoodles (Zodes for short) – Shes 100% Australasian Shepard – Black, White, and Copper point colors.
Pronounced [zoh-dles]

Origin: My Daughter wanted Zoey and I wanted Noodles. We sat the puppy in the living room and each called her by what we wanted to call her. The puppy stayed in the one spot. So I divide Zoey & Noodles in half and then re-combine them back together and called out “Zoodles” the puppy came over. She picked her own name.

Definition: “Zoodles” stands for a NO good mangy mutt beast that will not let me leave for anywhere without climbing aboard the instant she hears keys rattle or the engine start (and will not get back out until we have left the driveway…)

Actually, she is a great travel companion and I could not ask for a better travel companion. She is so fun to have on this journey because she listens and will obey a direct command (99.5% of the time).

She really seems to enjoy our adventures as much, if not more than, I do!

One time so far, the ranger caught us in Yellowstone breaking the rules. Because she listens so well, I had removed her leash and let her walk beside me in the meadows by the hot spring creeks. That was a big no-no. Dad got the command that time from the ranger… I swear she was smiling…

She is a hit everywhere we go. People just instantly love her and she knows exactly how to play them to get extra scratches and attention.

We have traveled the country, camping, skydiving, rock climbing and adventuring. The only time she gets nervous is when there is a thunderstorm, then she sticks to me like she is glued on until the storm passes.

She’s been with me since she was 6 weeks old. Our first road trip together was from the pig farm she was born on to the Drop Zone MRVS (Missouri River Valley Skydivers) before we even made it home. I explained to her that day that if she ever felt the need to go elsewhere because she thought life would be better, she best be on her way… So far she has decided it’s not so bad and besides, someone has to keep me in line (lol).