If you have ever caught yourself stating “as soon as I get caught up” or “I just need a little extra time” then now, with the new 30 more days of the “Stay At Home order,” being issued yesterday, is the perfect time for you, as a typically busy business owner, to do some reflection, prioritization, and refinement of what  your priorities are going to be for when this is over.

Why Today? When this is all over, realize, you are going to be ‘busier’ than ever getting “caught up.” My question to you is this: Is it going to be “busy work” busy or “Needle Moving Work” that is going to be keeping you busier than ever?

Only you can answer that question, but I may have an idea for you to explore further that will change your destiny, starting today.

If you need a system that will propel your personal and business growth at a faster rate than ever before, then I suggest that NOW is the time to implement The 12 Week Year (a book by Brian P. Moran). Since the president has ordered another 30 days of this, Leverage It!

Build a new “system” for yourself that works!

These concepts and lessons outlined and presented in the 12 week year are, by far, some of the best planning systems (and concepts) for being able to break out of constant “busy work” and to be able to focus on your “Needle Moving” Work, consistently.

The first three months of 2020 are over today. Look back on your January 1 planning sheet and see how many of your “to-do’s” and achievements you’ve checked off. If you are a few short and had hoped to make more forward progress, this is a sign your “current achievement system” is not as efficient as you had “confabulated” it to be in your mind. FYI: Confabulation = the “made-up stories” we use to fill in “gaps” of our memory and believe to be true in our own minds.

Your 2.6 hour change. The 12 Week Year audio book is 5 hours and 17 minutes. At 2x playback it is 2.6 hours to have an overview of the concepts, processes and systems that you can have in place by the end of today and start achieving measurable, results faster than ever before. I’ve put the free resources they have at the bottom of this article. You do not need to buy anything else from their funnel to start a new and more efficient way of achievement. The book, the free downloadable PDF and (Optionally) the “Field Guide” (and this is not even necessary at this point).

How to get the most from it: Read it/Listen to it. Note the concepts that apply to you. Discard the rest (for now). Implement the ones you resonate with into a plan of action. Execute a small step forward daily.

Most important of all: Keep Your 12 Week Goals Simple & Realistic. Reach for the stars, measure in inches, and sooner than you realized you’ll have progressed miles. My analogy is: Think of an asphalt paving machine and it’s crew. They have a define end plan, before they ever begin. How they execute the plan. They move slowly, constantly, and never “stop” until they reach the “end” regardless of how many miles of road are being “built/improved.”

Wesley J. Harrison

1) 12 Week Year: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CU9P31K/
2) Free PDF Worksheet http://achieve.12weekyear.com/downloads/planning.pdf
3) Optional 12 Week Year Field Guide: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HPB166V/

My Top 5 Tools for Changing Where You Are Currently Into Where You Want To Be:
1) Journal: Am/Pm – Record your thoughts. Reflect. Refine.
2) Meditation: Pm – Ask yourself opened ended, limitless questions before drifting off to sleep. Google it. Capture one that resonate with you. Implement Nightly.
3) Movement/Exercise & Make good “fueling” decisions for your nutritional choices.
4) Water is the best hydration fluid there is for your body and brain and is what gives everything (as we know it) LIFE throughout the known universe.
5) Use A.I. – Apply “Actual Intelligence” to see through the crap being slung…


Keep It Simple