This morning we (Pete, Zoodles and I) are parked at the rest stop in Broadus, MT. Pete is out stretching his legs…

pete is back

Last night I gave Zoodles some canned dog food mixed with her regular food to inspire her to eat more. It has upset her tummy this morning and she needs to go outside every 15 minutes, poor thing. I know the feeling…

Fortunately I had planned ahead before leaving Hayden, ID and this time had ordered 2 foldable pens. They can be attached together so she will have more room and the thought was, I can get these for her so she can be outside off the leash while I am working… Well this morning they have come in handy.

I located these on Amazon and they were about 30.00 each. (Non-affiliate link: See them here). They fold up flat and I can have them set up in minutes – broken down in minutes and they stow very nicely underneath in the center of the motor home in an enclosed compartment on top on my folding table. The black/red collapsible shelter, I located at camping world (by Coleman). It stows nicely above the pens. (Non-affiliate link: See it here)

Wesley Harrison road trip Boadus MT

folded up

Our Road Journey ended at Wall Drug Parking in Wall SD (population 876), 201.3 miles from Broadus in the middle of NOWHERE… (see below)

Did you know that over 20,000 people a day (during peak season) visit Wall Drug all because of a few well placed signs…

As a business owner that wants more traffic, how many signs do you have out? I’m willing to bet that you’ve never thought about signs like Wall Drug has… (more info coming soon)