I left Wall SD. While heading down highway 90E, at exit marker 131, (about 30 miles down the road) I decided to turn off and go explore Badlands National Park. I have an annual park pass (GREAT VALUE) and a right turn detour of only 10.3 miles was probably worth it especially if later I found out that I was only 10.3 miles from an amazing memory I could have had for the price of a “Right Turn Clyde.”

I turned at the last minute and while traveling down the road leading to the BLNP, there was a sign for a historical homestead. Another “Right Turn Clyde” (just off the highway this time) and pulled into the parking lot of this (see below). It is pretty cool although I could not imagine the life they must have lived…
IMG_3904 IMG_3905 IMG_3903

Then back on course to the badlands park (another 2 miles) – we stopped. Zodes and Pete both were mesmerized by the view we almost passed by 10.3 miles ago: a few shots of the scenery.
IMG_3914 IMG_3919 IMG_3928 IMG_3983 IMG_3978 IMG_4050

We parked the motor home, unhooked the Jeep and went from the Ben Reifel visitor center to Sage campground (approx 42 miles -12 of them are on a dirt road that could be traversed with a large rv) and then we headed back to the RV. 100 miles round trip with all our little detours and stops along the way. What a Great Adventure!

We spoted Deer,  Big Horn sheep and Bison along our journey (I didn’t take pics of the deer and Bison, I’ve see them so many times now, no longer exciting – but the big horn this close – oh ya!)

What an amazing “Right Turn Clyde” adventure this was and to think, I was going to pass it by….
By the time we got back to the RV it was so dark and there were millions upon gazillions of stars out. I decided to test my iPhone 6 and see if it could capture the universe (using procams time delay) – same image 4-second aperture opening and 8 second

Life is to short to not have fun…