Is this you? It’s that time of year “AGAIN” and you’re still “stuck” in the exact same spot you were in this time last year! It’s Déjà vu like the movie Ground Hog Day…

Yet, you “seem” busier than ever and going nowhere – FAST.

Do You Want to get Leverage on Yourself? If so, keep reading. Warning: This won’t be easy, but if you actually do this assignment, I can promise you that in approximately 15 hours from now (approximately 1 week from today), you will understand “why” you know what to do, but do not do it. Once you understand why, you will then be able to hold yourself accountable and have a plan for making actionable growth happen at an unprecedented rate for yourself.

This “Assignment” below is the effective equivalent of the difference of a car being “stuck” in the mud/snow verses a 4 Wheel Drive Monster Truck in the exact same spot. Once this assignment is completed, you will have effectively installed a Monster Truck 4 wheel Drive Propulsion System (drive train) for gaining the ability and traction to finally be “unstuck.”

The Assignment: Read the following AND Do the End of Chapter Assignments of this book: Brain Blocks by Dr. Theo Tsaousides:

Since I have started “Assigning” this homework to my private coaching clients, for helping them become “UnStuck,” they have all been able to break through their “Internal Barriers” that are causing them to only have “2 wheel drive.”

Brain Blocks, explains why we have these barriers on ourselves, provides multiple real world examples of “why and how” they happen AND THEN explains How to Eliminate Them once and for all. While the end of chapter assignments are NOT easy, they are very effective for gaining the leverage on yourself you need.

If you do this, Enjoy the “New High Performance 4 Wheel Drive Monster Truck” you!

Average Time Invested (so far) included going through it the 2nd time around – 15 hours. Everyone is reporting the same thing. While the first time through the materials is good, the real “magic” happens the 2nd time going through what you accomplished the first time.

As with all life challenges, we all want the “one hit wonder solution” BUT fact is there is not one. Do This Assignment! Then, You Will Finally Have the Internal Tools Necessary To Move Mountains Out of Your Way, for Yourself!

Once you’ve explored this, Lets chat. WHY? Perhaps, I can then show you how to best leverage your New Internal Propulsion System so that you can be the most effective version of you that is possible at this point of your journey.

I’m looking forward to talking with the new you once the “4WD light” comes on and you too now have “clarity” and “leverage” on yourself once and for all.

Note This Observation from Dr. Stephen Covey Seven Habits:“Internal Victories Precede External Victories.”

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Wesley J. Harrison

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